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Clarissa Galliano is a contemporary  British Artist currently specialising in large charcoal botanical drawings. The passion in her charcoal drawings is evident in the scale and virtuosity of her tonal, and linear vocabulary describing British flora.

There is no doubt that her fairly recent body of abstract paintings has incited the passage of abstract qualities in these current botanical studies.

Contemporary Botanical drawings 


These charcoal drawings began with my fascination with the wild carrot globe. I had never really paid much attention to the structure of flowers and plants, but the carrot globe completely enthralled me.                                                             

I think these drawings have become as much about architecture as botany. The form and structure are the edifying ingredients with which I am searching, to get the image to materialise.


Charcoal has always been my favoured medium. It allows an uninterrupted response to the subject, an immediacy like a stream of conscience. The speed at which decisions can be made using charcoal creates a strong engagement with the visual image and the physical activity.


The corrections of these visual decisions can be seen as ghosts beneath and around the emerging image, so the drawing holds the history of the journey of the art work, its vulnerability, changes and final conclusion.


My motivation for increasing the scale of the botanical images is to amplify the abstract qualities of tone and pattern. The juxtaposition of the 'fragile reality' of the flora versus the 'bold abstract' statements of the drawings seems to be the emerging content of this work.

2017 - The Gallery, Great Milton, Oxfordshire. Solo Show

Bucks Open Studios

2016 - Square Umbrella Gallery, Commercial Square Studios and Pop Up Shop, Marlow, Bucks

Cookham Arts Trail

2014 - Acanthus Gallery. Wareham. Solo Show

2013 - Affordable Art Fair, Battersea, London

One Church Street Gallery.  Selected work from Affordable Art Fair

Open Studios Purbeck Art Week

Acanthus Gallery. Wareham. Solo show.

2012 - Dovecote Studio, Cookham Bucks

Contemporary Drawing Exhibition. One Church Street Gallery.

Art Space. Henley on Thames.

Open Studios Purbeck Art Week

2011 - One Church Street Gallery Christmas Exhibition

L'Artishe Gallery, Christmas Exhibition

2007 - Biannually:

Cookham Festival Open Studio

Bucks Open Studio

2006 - NEAC at Mall Galleries

2005 - Invited Featured Artist. Wooburn Festival

2004 - ROI at Mall Galleries.  Prize Winner AK Wilson Award

Invited Honorary Member Bucks Art Society

1994 - Stone Paper Charcoal.  Exhibition of Drawing.

Milton Keynes Exhibition Centre

Aylesbury Museum

1991 - Large Charcoal Figures and Portraits.  Black Boy Gallery.

1984 - Painting accepted by Royal Academy. Summer Exhibition

1983 - Graduated Exeter College of Art & Design

Degree in Fine Art Painting

Clarissa Galliano - British Artist


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